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Repeat Sizes

When rescaling prints, pattern match and repeat size will change.

In the table below you will find the repeat width and height for each design at 100% scale. The table also shows at which scale there will be a pattern match at 138cm . This is important for fabric applications, such as curtains with multiple drops, where the pattern needs to match at the selvedge.

Samples of rescaled designs will be labelled with the new repeat size and whether there is a pattern match at the requested scale. If you have any questions about rescaling please contact us.

At 100% ScalePattern Match at 138cm
Design NameRepeat WidthRepeat Height25%50%75%100%125%150%175%200%250%300%
AM101 Chevron8.639xxxxxx
AM102 Trellis34.534.5xxxxxx
AM103 Ticking9.213.5x
AM104 Houndstooth5.55.5xxxx
AM105 Cairo I35.5xxxxxx
AM106 Cairo II27.627.5xxxxx
AM107 Kilim34.535xxxxxx
AM108 Sintra34.534.5xxxxxx
AM109 Ayesha15.312xxx
AM110 Hoku17.29xxxxxx
AM111 Sana15.316xxx
AM112 Block Print Floral34.569xxxxxx
AM113 Kufa Atlas34.561xxxxxx
AM114 Woodcut Zoo13.826.5xxxx
AM115 Worker Bee27.613xxxx
AM116 Kufa Chevron34.531xxxxxx
AM117 Kufa Stripe17.258xxxxxx
AM118 Block Print Tree11.511xxx
AM119 Casablanca9.216xx
AM120 Maddy34.534.5xxxxxx

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