Our Company

AM115.1 Worker Bee

Our Roots

The heart of Alexander Maverick beats a few miles from the Manchester skyline, a city that was once the supreme centre of textile innovation in the Industrial Revolution. Fast forward 150 years and a new era dawned: the Digital Revolution. For our company, the innovation and integration of both these revolutions has been instrumental in inspiring the development of Alexander Maverick. We are delighted to be part of the thriving hub of Greater Manchester, supplying textiles printed solely in the UK to customers worldwide.


Our Textiles

Where cotton once ruled the Northwest of England factories, we benefit today by printing on a range of luxurious fabrics. From within the United Kingdom, Alexander Maverick sources its cotton and linen blends, the natural composition of each producing bright to vintage prints on beautiful cloth.


Our Technology

Digital printing is printing without limitation and Alexander Maverick exceeds limitation whenever possible. Today’s tech means our finished fabrics are rich with design complexity and an unlimited palette of colours, unrestricted by repeat or panel size. We invest in cutting-edge technology and highly-qualified personnel, specialist CAD/CAM software and sophisticated inkjet printers capable of printing small samples to thousands or metres. In the realm of modern textile printing, these 21stcentury advancements directly benefit customers. For Alexander Maverick clients, this means we produce the highest-quality fabric with spectacular designs.


Our Vision

From the beginning, our vision for Alexander Maverick was a progressive one: to employ a talented design team to produce incredible prints for our customers and, most ambitiously, to create a never-been-seen-before online tool enabling clients to recolour and resize designs, matching their colour schemes and printing fabric catered uniquely to them. These two simple yet powerful features would offer the type of customisation previously only available for the most expensive of fabrics. We worked tirelessly for two years to create ColourMe - our exclusive tool that provides clients with the power to alter designs simply and swiftly, to individualise prints to suit their design demands. Our vision is now a reality and we are delighted to hear from customers who hail this Maverick innovation. 


Our Determination

Amongst our stunning designs, we champion the Manchester worker bee in vibrant colourways. A Mancunian symbol for 150 years, this determined insect has been regarded as an inspiring emblem: a tireless worker in a hive of activity. Like that bee, from design to production, Alexander Maverick operates an integrated service under one cavernous roof. Our printers are industriously busy and our team strive daily to deliver supreme customer service and fabrics we can be proud of.


Our Future

We are carving our niche and making our name in home furnishings, always expanding our collections and our technology. We are grateful to our customers and commit to continue providing impressive service and impressive fabrics now and as we move forward towards the next textile revolution. Alexander Maverick will be there.